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2018 H-PEA Conference

Empowering People and Programs through Evaluation

See our 2018 Conference Program Here!

See linked files for each presentation below!

Diving Into the Latest Revision of the American Evaluation Association’s Guiding Principles (Barela, Kelly, Tibbetts) 

Does Predictive Analytics Really Foretell Student Success? (Lubin, Vila, Palacat, Kaun) 

Using Culturally Responsive, Congruent, and Honorable Program Evaluation Methodology as a Tool to Restore Indigenous Identity and Heal from Intergenerational Historical Trauma (Kivalahula-Uddin) 

Theories, Design Strategies and Instruments for Evaluating Advocacy and Policy Change Initiatives (Gardner) 

The Benefits of Partnerships in the Assessment of Graduates’ Impact (Miranda) 

Working together across health disciplines, for greater collaboration in the future: How the interprofessional education curriculum is being developed and evaluated (Ng-Osorio, Masaki) 

Benchmarking Institutional Outcomes: Tools to Improve the Effectiveness of Evaluation in the Education Policy Cycle (Stanley, Palacat)  

Unique Schools, Common Measures: The Challenges of Evaluating SEL and School Climate (Toms Barker) 

Ea: Empowering a Native-Hawaiian Serving Organization Through Evaluation Capacity-Building (Lloyd, Makua, Molina, Evaluation Kakoʻo Team) 

Evaluating Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) Programs and School Climate (Toms Barker) 

Which Works Best? Exploring Three Qualitative Methods to Tell a Culture-Focused Story (Sanjines, Evenson, Anbe, Houglum) 

Telling Stories to Illuminate and Educate (Gardner, Fetterman) 

Reproducible Data Visualization in R and Rstudio (LaFlair) 

Assessing the Effectiveness of the ERIC Scholarship on Student Retention (Van Duser, Tanabe) 

Using Assessment Tools to Empower Faculty in Program Mergers (Park, Sandlin, Hill, Spafford) 

Empowering Frontline Staff Members at Liliuʻokalani Trust through Quality Assurance (Matsunaga, Kalama) 

The How’s and Why of General Education Assessment (Lubin, Palacat, Kaun)

Practical Measurement for a New Kind of Transition Course in the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (Altman, Herman, Crowder) 

Power Your Evaluation with R Simulations (Harrison) 

Determining the Longitudinal Impacts of a Short-Term, ResearchBased Field Experience on Participant Self-Efficacy (Sandlin, Fialkowski, Novotny, Hattori-Uchima, Coleman, Naeole) 

Let Me Tell You a Story about Hawaiian Language Fluency: An Examination of Assessment Quality at Ke Kula ʻO Nāwahīokalaniʻōpuʻu Iki (Fukunaga, Kalaʻi-Aguiar, Kobashigawa)

IGNITE (all in one file):

Can Evaluators Play a Role in the Social Impact Measurement Movement? (Barela) 

Leveraging Collaborative Evaluations to Meet Academic and Community Needs (Barile) 

Supporting a Pipeline of Culturally Responsive Evaluators (Toms Barker) 

The Economic Impact of Federal Funds on a Local Community in Hawaiʻi (Inazu, Gundaya) 

Are Your Reports Boring? (Sanjines) 

Interactive Dashboards Aid Data Interpretation in Higher Ed Learning Assessment (Stitt-Bergh)

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