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Important Dates 

Proposal Submission deadline: 1:59 pm, 6/15, 2021

Notification of acceptance: Early July (via email) 



Since 2005, the Hawai'i-Pacific Evaluation Association (H-PEA) has provided opportunities for evaluators and those interested in evaluation to share with and learn from each other. H-PEA invites you to submit a proposal for one of the following opportunities at the virtual conference.

Presentation Format

Skill-building--Skill-building workshops are 60-minutes of teaching an evaluation skill. It’s a “show, tell, and apply” presentation that teaches a concept, process, or tool, with much of the time dedicated to hands-on activities that let participants practice what’s demonstrated. Presenters should provide a balance of presentation, discussion, and practice for session attendees. Ideally, workshops will address one or more of the evaluator competencies defined by AEA.

Roundtable--60-minute guided discussions; an opportunity to share a work in progress or an issue/concern relevant to evaluators. Roundtable presentations typically include a short presentation, followed by discussion and feedback. Roundtable presenters should bring targeted questions to pose to others at the table in order to learn from and with those attending. Roundtables are an ideal format for networking and focused discussion on a particular topic, including work-in-progress. The abstract should include the targeted questions to be discussed.

Poster--All poster presenters will present in a 60 minute session, each in a breakout room to discuss your work with attendees in an informal setting. All evaluation related projects are welcome. Attendees can enter any breakout room of their choice at any time during the poster session. Posters have a chance to win poster cash awards. First place will win $50.

Information Needed to Submit a proposal

Select the dates available to present (9/20 to 9/24)

Presenter Contact information (first Name, last Name, title, institution/organization, city, state, email, phone number)

Proposal Title (as it will appear in conference materials)

Abstract (100 words or fewer)

Proposal Summary: Submit a 150-500 word summary of your proposal. Remove all identifiable information from the proposal. Include as many of the following as are applicable: 1) Objectives or purposes; 2) Perspective(s) or theoretical framework; 3) Methods, techniques, or modes of inquiry; 4) Data sources or evidence; 5) Results and/or conclusions/point of view; and 6) Educational or scientific importance of study

Select all the AEA Evaluator Competency domains your proposal topic addresses. Options include: 

  • Professional practice (what makes evaluators distinct as practicing professionals)

  • Methodology (technical aspects of evidence-based, systemic inquiry)

  • Context (unique circumstances, multiple perspectives, and changing settings)

  • Planning and management (determining and monitoring work plans, timelines, resources)

  • Interpersonal (human relations and social interactions)

  • None/Not sure

Select primary target audience (teachers/faculty, consultants, evaluators, managers or administrators, students)

Indicate intended audience level (novice, intermediate, advanced)

Choose up to three themes or topics that relate to your presentation.  We use this field to group the paper/presentations in a session.

  • ‘Δ€ina-based education

  • Arts and Museum Education

  • Assessment in higher education

  • Climate Change

  • Community-based evaluation

  • Culturally-responsive evaluation

  • Data Analysis

  • Data-visualization

  • Early childhood evaluation

  • Environmental Evaluation

  • Evaluation methods

  • Evaluation policy

  • Evaluation theory

  • Families

  • Health and  welfare evaluation

  • Human services evaluation

  • Indigenous Peoples in Evaluation

  • K-12 Education Evaluation

  • Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual & Transgender Issues

  • Native Hawaiians

  • Participatory evaluation

  • STEM Education

  • Sustainability

  • Systems Thinking

  • Technology in evaluation

Submission Evaluation

Those interested should submit the online proposal submission form that will be peer-reviewed by a conference committee. The review committee will consider proposals on the following points: 

a) Relevance to the field of evaluation;

b) Contribution to the knowledge, skill-building, and practice of evaluators;

c) Alignment to AEA Evaluator Competencies (See https://www.eval.org/About/Competencies-Standards/AEA-Evaluator-Competencies)

d) Implications for evaluation theory or practice; 

e) Value to the conference attendees. 

Questions? Please Contact: Palama Lee (plee@onipaa.org) 

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