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2010 Keynote Speakers

"Building Individual and Organizational Capacity"

by Brad Cousins, University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Canada

The keynote address will summarize recent research and identify practical lessons concerning ECB: Evaluation Capacity Building. Cousins will explain that ECB includes the capacity to do evaluation and the capacity to use evaluation. This address will discuss the integration of evaluation into organizational culture and management practices, including:

  • Delineation of a conceptual framework for considering organizational evaluation capacity;
  • Summary of principal findings and implications for practice; and
  • What has been learned about integrating evaluation into organizational culture.

"Place-based Evaluation: A Tool for Leadership and Transformation"

by Maenette K.P. Ah Nee-Benham

Drawing on the 6-year longitudinal evaluation of the W.K. Kellogg Foundation's Kellogg Leadership for Community Change Initiative, Benham (the National Cluster Evaluator) explores how the complex and organic nature of the initiative challenged the evaluation process. The presentation is organized around six (6) key queries:

  1. How has “community leadership” been conceptualized and what role does evaluation play in it?
  2. How did evaluators address the “leadership for what” question in community leadership programs?
  3. How did evaluators address the role of organizations in community leadership development?
  4. How did the evaluation address the interests of the multiple stakeholders in assessing the intended outcomes of community leadership programs?
  5. How do concepts of culturally competent evaluation play out in community leadership development evaluations?
  6. What role does evaluation play in creating a reflexive, developmental and useful leadership development tool?

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